Family FAQ's

How can I help my loved one settle in at Foyer Maillard?

The first days and weeks are always a challenge for anyone moving into a new home. Having items in the room that are personal in nature is helpful. As well, check out the activities that are planned in your loved one's neighborhood, and take them to one of those programs.  It is often difficult for someone to go to an activity if they don’t know anyone there.  It is best not to plan outings away from your loved one's new home within the first few  weeks as this can increase confusion.

What items do I need to bring when moving in my loved one?

Please refer to the Living Here FAQ's for more information.

Do you have visiting hours?

Yes we do.  Currently, visitors who are fully vaccinated for Covid-19 are welcome to visit with their loved one between 9:00am and 8:00pm.  For more information about our Covid-19 visitor policy please click here.  For more information about our protocols for visiting with your loved one outside of the home click here.

How do I arrange to have a meal with a resident at Foyer Maillard?

Guests are welcome to join residents for meals any time but must book 24hrs in advance. Arrangements can be made by contacting the kitchen at 604-937-5578 ext. 114. Special occasion meals, such as Christmas Dinner or summer BBQs, are organized in conjunction with the Recreation Department. Information for these events can be found here

Please note: Guests are currently not able to dine with us due to the Coronoavirus-19 pandemic.

Can I bring my pet in for a visit?

Pets are always welcome to visit but must be on a leash or contained at all times. Handlers must be considerate to the needs of residents and staff with severe allergies and/or fears to pets. Administration always reserves the right to refuse a pet if they deem necessary.

If I have a concern regarding the care of my loved one at Foyer Maillard, who do I contact?

If you have questions or concerns about your loved ones care, please speak first of all to one of the staff that is caring for your loved one or the Nurse in charge on the floor on which your loved one is a resident. It is always best to talk about your concerns at the time and the place where those concerns originated.

If following this discussion, you still have concerns, please contact our Care Manager at 604-937-5578 ext. 111 or

If after this discussion your concerns are still unresolved, please contact Savita Ramkirit, Director of Care at 604-937-5578 ext 104 or

When can I expect to be invited to a Care Conference for my family member?

Family members will be invited to attend a care conference with the resident and the care team usually within 6-8 weeks of admission. This provides the opportunity for the care team to get to know the resident, and to provide a full assessment as to how things are going.

Care conferences are conducted annually following the first conference (unless otherwise needed).

What is adaptive clothing and where can I purchase some for my loved one?

Adaptive clothing is used for many reasons which include; safety, difficulty dressing, ease of toileting, and dressing when overhead lifts are required.

There are many providers, some examples are:   (604) 596-5320  1-800-387-7008  1-800-361-4374